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Hollywood Slim Program

Hi, I'm Leo and I'm just a regular guy who spends his workdays just sitting down at work and has very little time to spend preparing meals or going to the gym.


This is how I used to look: fat, overweight, and unflattering. Since 2019, I've been fit and in the best shape of my life. It only took me a few short months to transform my body and I did it without a restrictive diet or even hitting the gym every day.


Being fit is not just about good looks; it is also about having a healthy and confident body. Over time, if you ignore your weight problems, they will lead to serious weight-related health issues, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


What I am going to share with you works for everyone. Whether you're a man or a woman, in your 20s or your 60s. It's a plan that my team of nutritionists and fitness coaches developed called "the Hollywood Slim Program."


If you want to get that body you've been dreaming about, you need to learn how our body works.

Exercises: only burn around 10%. Unless you are a professional athlete, you won’t be able to achieve the body that you desired.



Daily Activities: such as walking down the street or going to MTR will only contribute 15% to your daily energy burn.

Thermic Effect: When you eat food your body will need to use energy to digest it, absorb the nutrients, and store them in your cells. 

Improving your resting metabolic rate is the real secret to the transformation you are looking for.

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Join the Hollywood Slim Program and Rediscover Your Confidence

$1200 HKD

$888 HKD

Here is what the program will include:

-Group Live Zoom Tae Bo Training 3 times a week/month                         $1200 (Free)

-The Hollywood Slim Guide.                                                                           $300    (Free)

-Vanila or Ice coffee/mocha with Probiotic protein shake                         $1000 (included)

-Your personalized TDEE/Wellness Report                                                   $200    (Free)

-First time sign up get 3 free Tae Bo classes 

With an added bonus:

If you’ve achieve your personal goal, you will get a 500 dollar rebate.

If you are unable to meet your personal goal for the month, I will give you one month free live Tae Bo Training.

Maggie Chan

"The Hollywood Slim Program has been a game changer."

Jenny Chow

"I can't believe how easy it is to follow."

Wendy W.

"I am seeing results.  I had just dropped 2kg this month."

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