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Thanksgiving Woe

It's Turkey Day in Canada... I meant Thanksgiving!  That always means binge eating and a lot of extra calories.  In one binge eating session, an average human adult male can eat up to 5,000- 15,000 calories!  YIKES!!!!

To give you a bit of a perspective, an average human male's total daily energy expenditure is about 2000 calories.  Every 3500 calories is the equivalent of one pound of body fat.  My home country unfortunately has some of the most over-weighted populations in the world.  Weight problem has become a pandemic.

So what should we do when we are tempted by a big tasty feast in front of us with gravy, turkey, and lots of desserts?

Here are the following steps you can do if you are in a weight loss program.

1. It is not ideal to "pig out" one day; however, psychologically speaking, it is even worse to deny yourself of the festivities. Life and weight loss are both meant to be enjoyable. Don't sweat it, don't let it get to you

2. It's not going to change your progress if you only have one binge-eating session.

3. Pick up where you left off the next day and get back to the program the next day. Chances are, yours truly may be doing the same over here in Asia. 

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.

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