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Uh oh, I'm having tummy problem

A month ago my friend Nikki asked me how to improve her gut health. She mentioned that she has been having problems with diarrhea.  Very often she feels bloated.  I revealed to her that in my childhood I had exactly the same problem.

Throughout my childhood, I often experienced periods of chronic diarrhea to constipation. It became an embarrassment that my family often complained that I spent hours in the bathroom. She noticed that bloating had stopped.

She asked me how did I improve my gut health?  

In this blog, I'll show you 3 simple steps that I used to help me change my overall gut health.

1. Load up on different colored fruits and vegetables every day.  

Reason: Your good gut bacteria eat different types of fiber.  The more diverse the vegetables in your diet the better.  It's been found that a healthy gut microbiome usually has a more diverse plant-based diet.

2. Take probiotics regularly. 

Reason: Probiotics are live bacteria that are being sold in packages or even in bottles. Probiotics can help you by creating vitamins, pushing out bad bacteria, and in some cases, they can prevent diarrhea and reduce allergies.

3. Reduce sweets.

Reasons: Unfortunately, we love to eat sweets.  Sugar is the number killer of good gut bacteria. In fact, bad bacteria love sugar.  They multiply when there is a lot of sugar.

I hope this blog will help you with your gut health journey especially with the lunar new year coming.  I understand that a lot of you will be having a lot of sweets and sugary food Therefore, my advice is yes, have your sweet rice cake but remember to balance it out with fiber and probiotics.

If you have questions in regard to your general gut health, our team is available to help you.  

PS. Our nutritionist is preparing a brand new 5000 dollar valued Hollywood Diet Guide.  We will be releasing it soon.

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